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Dip - Realesed!

2013-08-14 03:49:01 by Ayrayen

The time has finally come, the game has been uploaded on bean allean's website which you can find

If you're suspicious to what you're playing - check out this game-play trailer!

What is it about?
The game is a 2D Exploration Retro Platformer, it seems to take inspiration from Super Meat Boy as well as Fez.
And for the World, imagine the overview as something more like: Metroid.

A simple game with a variety and scaling difficulty.

Unlock Achievements!
Be aware, secrets may be hidden!

Yes that's right, to increase the fun-factor, Bean decided to make achievements for the game increasing the replay value as well as more to the "Exploring" fact.

As we might know already (but some maybe don't) i was the maker of ALL the music that is heard in within the game.
I do not stand for the SFX sounds tho'.
Remember, do not download these songs to put them in games or such since it's only reserved for the game DIP!

Having any Issues?
Be sure to contact Ben Allean or Me if problems show up.

And that's all folks, i hope you'll enjoy the game as much as i have!
Thanks for listening!

Dip - Realesed!


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2013-08-22 21:12:36

Hey, thanks for posting this by the way!

Ayrayen responds:

Yaaaa <3


2013-08-31 16:54:27

Haha, I didn't know your game had been released until now XD Anyways I'll check it out, looking forward to seeing any new projects from you.

Ayrayen responds:

Oh remember, it's not my game, it's Beanallean's game :)
I'm just the music composer!

Yup maybe some futured projects with Beanallean will be created, but one can always dream.

Hope you like the game, and if you have any troubles. Be sure to check with either me or Beanallean himself!